嘉宾:Coder Dan Founder of Aavegotchi

主持人:Leslie Aave china Lead

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1.Question: What is an Aavegotchi? Please introduce your project.

问:什么是 Aavegotchi ?请介绍一下你们的项目。

Answer : Aavegotchis are pixelated ghosts living on the blockchain. They have specific amounts of Aave’s yield generating tokens staked inside of them. 

So in a way, an Aavegotchi is like a digital piggy bank that earns more interest than your real life bank!

Each Aavegotchi has unique traits. 

答:Aavegotchis 是生活在区块链上的像素化幽灵。他们有特定数量的 Aave 的收益生成代币质押在他们背后。

所以在某种程度上,Aavegotchi 就像一个数字储蓄罐,但它比你在现实生活中从银行赚取的利息要多!

每个 Aavegotchi 都有独特的特质。

This means an Aavegotchi has a collectible value, the staked Aave tokens value, and also the value of their utility in the wider Aavegotchi game. 

这意味着 Aavegotchi 具有收藏价值,也就是其背后质押的 Aave 代币的价值,以及它们在更广泛的 Aavegotchi 游戏中的实用价值。

The game involves taking care of your Aavegotchis, equipping collectible game items and participating in mini-games to earn XP and more NFT badges.

游戏内容包括照顾你的 Aavegotchis,为它们装备可收藏的游戏道具,并参与迷你游戏来获得 XP 和更多的 NFT 徽章。

This all contributes to your Aavegotchi developing a completely unique identity over time!

随着时间的推移,这些都有助于你的 Aavegotchi 发展出一个完全独特的身份!

2.Question: What else can I do with an Aavegotchi?

问:我还能用 Aavegotchi 做什么?

Answer :Rare Aavegotchis not only have higher secondary marketplace value for trading on NFT markets, they also enable the Aavegotchi to earn crypto directly through “rarity farming” — a play-to-earn competition that rewards the most unique and active Aavegotchis with GHST tokens.  

答:稀有的 Aavegotchis 不仅在 NFT 市场上具有更高的二级市场价值,它们还使 Aavegotchi 能够通过“稀有挖矿”直接赚取加密货币——这是一种“边玩边赚”的模式,以 GHST 代币奖励最独特和活跃的Aavegotchis。

So you can actually use your Aavegotchi to farm more GHST tokens!

所以你可以使用你的 Aavegotchi 去挖矿获得更多的 GHST 代币!


We’re proud to say that Aavegotchi is governed by a DAO as well. It’s still early and your participation is welcome!

我们可以很自豪地说 Aavegotchi 是由 DAO 治理的。现在还在初期阶段,我们很欢迎大家的参与!

The Rarity Farming, the DAO, and so much more all revolves around our native token GHST token!

稀有挖矿,DAO, 和其他所有都是围绕着我们的原生代币 GHST 展开的!

3.Question: AAVEGOTCHI, is an ecosystem dedicated to NFT and DEFI games. What advice do you give me to start playing a type of game where I can make a profit with the $GHST coin? we have to invest some money or how does it work???


Answer :The cool thing about Aavegotchi is that there are so many ways to play and each of these ways has a “play to earn” opportunity.

Buy a Portal NFT (there are only 10,000 available in the first generation and go on sale at aavegotchi.com later this February).

Open the portal to find ten aavegotchis. BUT you can only summon one! Choose the rarest or most special!

Play with your Aavegotchi everyday! Doing so earns you kinship points. These are a measure of your relationship that is tracked directly on-chain.

Buy or trade for some awesome wearable NFTs. These are shirts, hats, glasses etc.

Equip the wearables to your Aavegotchi to boost its rarity score.

Season 1 of rarity farming starts next month with 500,000 GHST ready to farm!

Farm the GHST by having rare aavegotchi, or high kinship scores, or even high XP. There are so many ways to win! The top 2000 Aavegotchi in each category will all win some GHST every two weeks!

Bonus: If you find you don’t have the time to play, you can always profit by trading Portals, Aavegotchis and wearables on the NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. 

答:Aavegotchi的酷炫之处在于有非常多的玩法,而且每一种玩法都有 " 边玩边赚"的机会!


2.打开传送门,可以找到十只aavegotchis,但你只能召唤一只! 可以选择最稀有或最特别的~

3.每天和你的Aavegotchi一起玩耍! 这样做可以累计你的亲密值,这些是衡量你们关系的标准,而且可以直接在链上进行追踪。




7.通过拥有稀有度高的Aavegotchi,或高亲密值的,甚至高经验值XP的,来获得GHST。你知道赢的方法实在太多了! 每个类别的前2000名Aavegotchi都将每两周赢得一些GHST!


4.Question: In my opinion, the NFT platform is occupying such a large number that every generation has and that includes our $GHST. But it seems there are too many projects currently that cannot give real value to their NFT except for a few people who make up Project Defi from different types of games. What will NFT look like in the hands of $GHST, will they be real-world assets or their encrypted version? And can you please give me the values back of your NFTs so I know? 

问:在我看来,每一时期都有大量的NFT平台出现,这其中包括我们的$ GHST。 但是,目前除了少数几个游戏类型的 Defi项目,似乎大多数项目无法为他们的NFT带来真正的价值。 在$ GHST这里,NFT会是什么样子?它们是真实资产或者是它们的加密版本?并且,你能给我解释一下你们的NFTs的价值吗?

Answer :All Aavegotchis are staked directly with Aave’s various aTokens (aLINK, aUSDC, aDAI, aUNI, etc)

This means your Aavegotchi acts as a bit of a rare digital piggy bank. Besides the speculative value, there are these interest generating tokens growing inside of your Aavegotchi all the time!



5.Question: What is the relationship between Aavegotchi and Aave? What market gaps did Aavegotchi fill?

问:Aavegotchi 和 Aave 之间的关系是什么? Aavegotchi 填补了哪些市场空白?

Answer :Aavegotchi makes DeFi easy and fun. Both teams believe DeFi doesn’t have to be complicated! 

Our two teams are very close. In early 2020, we approached Aave when we were ready to build. They understood the potential of a DeFi powered game and supported us with a small grant but more importantly, an open communication channel. 

Aave founder, Stani Kulechov, came on as one of our first advisors and last month Aave invested in our Pixelcraft Studios for an equity stake.

In short, we have a very good working relationship. 

答:Aavegotchi 让 DeFi 变得简单而有趣。两支队伍都相信 DeFi 不需要那么复杂!

我们两个团队的关系非常紧密。2020年初,当我们为项目筹备时,我们找到了Aave。他们理解DeFi 赋能的游戏的潜力,并为我们提供了资金支持,但更重要的是,这为我们打开了一个开放的交流渠道。

Aave 创始人 Stani Kulechov 是我们的第一批顾问之一,上个月以权益质押的方式投资了我们的Pixelcraft 工作室。


6.Question:We've seen a lot of NFTs tokens over the last several months that offer high APY rewards for staking and farming with no clear value proposition (other than farming) quickly lose their value as people farm and dump their tokens. What is the unique value proposition that $GHST will provide to their end users?

问:在最近的几个月里我们已经看到有很多的NFTs代币,它们通过抵押或者挖矿可以获得很高的年化收益,这些没有价值主张的代币在人们挖矿然后抛售币后会很快失去它们的价值。 $GHST 会给它的终端用户提供哪些独特的价值主张?

Answer :GHST doesn’t have a farming model like those tokens you are describing. In fact we are quite the opposite. Our token supply both increases and decreases via a bonding curve that mints and burns GHST everyday.

The only farming possible is through “Rarity Farming”. This is great because it rewards actual game play. Time/attention/strategy are rewarded and this attracts actual growth!

We are very excited about our tokenomics. You can learn more about our bonding curve at our wiki: https://wiki.aavegotchi.com/en/curve


唯一可能的挖矿是通过 "稀有度挖矿"。这是很棒的模式,因为它奖励了实际的游戏玩家。付出了真正时间/注意力/策略的用户,都会得到奖励,这刺激了项目实际的成长!


7.Question:What is a key feature of Aavegotchi that most people do not yet realize or appreciate?

问:Aavegotchi 暂时没有大多数人意识到或理解的一个特性是什么?

Answer :All Aavegotchi's data is stored on the blockchain, including the name, aToken value, and even Aavegotchi's image, all on the chain. 

This way users can buy with confidence, because there is no risk of "the server is missing". This is actually not the case for the overwhelming majority of NFT projects.

This is not the norm, most NFT projects still store their images on an AWS server that could be turned off at any moment.

答:所有 Aavegotchi 的数据都存储在区块链上,包括名字、aToken 价值,甚至 Aavegotchi 的图像,都在链上。

这样用户就可以放心地购买,因为不存在“服务器丢失”的风险。这实际上不是绝大多数 NFT 项目能达到的情况。

这是不应该的,大多数 NFT 项目仍然将它们的图像存储在 AWS 服务器上,可能随时出现消失或宕机的情况。

8.Question:There are a number of different standards we see associated with NFTs on Ethereum. Can you explain the differences and which does Aavegotchi use?

问: 以太坊上的nft有许多不同的标准。你能解释一下它们的区别吗? Aavegotchi用的是什么?

Answer :The initial understanding of NFT is that a unique blockchain asset, each one is unique. ERC721 is the main standard, whereas most currency tokens trading today are ERC20.  

Recently, there are some new NFT standards, such as erc1155, erc998, etc. 

At Aavegotchi we use all three NFT standards. The Aavegotchi itself is ERC721, which contains unique on-chain metadata. 

Aavegotchi also uses the ERC998 standard to hold ERC1155 equipment and wearables as “child NFTs”. That means the game items will follow to whichever wallet the Aavegotchi goes. 

We want our players to be able to forget that they are playing blockchain and can provide a more immersive experience. At the same time, their assets will play with them and locked in their Aavegotchi NFT.





我们希望我们的玩家能够忘记他们正在玩的是区块链,并能够提供更具有沉浸感的体验。同时,他们的资产将与他们一起玩,并将价值锁定在Aavegotchi NFT中。

9.Question: Aavegotchi is known for connecting NFTs with DeFi. What are some of the challenges that remain in front of NFT adoption?

问: Aavegotchi 凭借 NFTs 与 DeFi 的连接而闻名。广泛接受 NFT 还存在哪些挑战?

Answer :If each NFT is unique, it is difficult for the market to find a reasonable price for each NFT. The traditional art industry has very professional appraisers who are responsible for pricing. Through the blockchain, we need to find a "trustless" method to evaluate digital assets. Recent developments in NFT markets like Opensea have helped price discovery, as well as Niftex's sharding attempts. These attempts are very preliminary. I agree that NFTs are still relatively niche, because the market does not know how to price them.

Another threshold is technical. Buying NFT consumes fuel costs. That’s why we are very pleased to be launching on Matic Network. This is an Ethereum sidechain that has the potential to enable mass adoption. Gas fees and slow transactions are eliminated!

答:如果 NFT 都是独一无二的,市场很难为每种NFT找到一个合理的价格。传统艺术行业有非常专业的评估师负责定价。通过区块链,我们需要找到一种“无需信任”的方法来评估数字资产。Opensea等NFT交易市场近期迅猛的发展有助于价格发现,以及 Niftex的分片解决方案等等。这些尝试都是非常初步的。我同意 NFT 行业仍相对来说仍然是不够完善的,因为市场不知道如何给它们定价。

另一个门槛是技术性的。购买NFT 的手续费成本。这就是为什么我们对启动了 Matic 网络感到非常高兴。这是一个以太坊侧链项目,有实现大规模应用的可能性。消除了手续费高昂和确认慢的问题。

10.Question:What do you see coming on the horizon for adoption of blockchain games and NFTs?

问: 你认为区块链游戏和 NFTs 的应用前景如何?

Answer :More and more applications with wider adoption. The popularization of Layer 2 solutions like Matic. These are all in progress. I think the time is just right for Aavegotchi now. 

答:越来越多的应用程序将被广泛接受。 Layer 2二层解决方案的普及,如 Matic 项目等等,这些都在有条不紊的进行中。我觉得现在对 Aavegotchi 来说正是好时候。​​​​