嘉宾:Jesse  Aavegotchi联合创始人

主持人:Polygon社区Matic Max




Question:First of all, please give us a brief introduction about yourself and Aavegotchi.

Answer:Hello everyone, my name is Jesse J aka @gldnxross. I’m co-founder of Pixelcraft where we are creating Aavegotchi.

I’m glad to be here today and answer questions about this NFT x DeFi experience and how Aavegotchi is bringing crypto to the mainstream! 

答:大家好,我叫Jesse J(aka 推特账号 @gldnxross),是Pixelcraft Studios的联合创始人。在Pixelcraft Studios,我们共同创造了Aavegotchi。

我很高兴今天来到这里,回答关于NFT x DeFi 的问题以及Aavegotchi将如何推动加密事业步入世界的主流!

2. 问:项目方对项目未来发展的预期目标是什么?分几个阶段实现?具体在什么时候实现

Question:What are the expectations for the future development of the project? In how many phases? And when will it be implemented?

Answer:Aavegotchi’s first NFT drop is happening tomorrow at 8:30pm IST. This is the first time Aavegotchis will be minted. Its really just the beginning of a roadmap that expands to a universe of games your Aavegotchi can play in. Some of these are social, some are cometitive, and all are a lot of fun. 

The truth is, Aavegotchi is a web3 avatar that has room to expand by integrating with all sorts of DeFi applications.

答:Aavegotchi的第一次NFT发布将在明天晚上8:30pm IST(北京时间晚上11点)举行。这是Aavegotchis的首次发行。而这真的只是路线图的开始,它可以扩展到整个Aavegotchi的游戏宇宙。有些是社交性的,有些是竞争性的,所有这些都很有趣。


3. 问:Aavegotchi有什么样的经济模型?

Question:What is the economic model of Aavegotchi?

Answer:An Aavegotchi is a piggy bank for your Aave defi tokens, collectible NFT art, and also a game item that can help you farm more tokens from games.

Rarity Farming is our main game and will be launching in a few weeks time. It will offer over 500k GHST tokens to be farmed over 8 weeks. To win, simply take good care of your Aavegotchi!

答:Aavegotchi是你的Aave defi代币的储蓄罐,可收藏的NFT艺术品,也是一个可以帮助你从游戏中获得更多代币的游戏道具。


4. 问:Aavegotchi在NFT游戏的赛道里跟目前大热的Flow,Opensea相比较,差异和优势是什么?

Question:What are the differences and advantages of Aavegotchi in the NFT game track compared to current hot projects such as Flow, Opensea?

Answer:Flow is a blockchain dedicated to blockchain gaming. Likewise, we opted to deploy Aavegotchi on Polygon (aka Matic Network). Polygon has over 70 NFT and gaming projects already released and so many more Ethereum based projects are coming over every week.

We chose Polygon because, unlike Flow, they are a true layer 2 solution that works seamlessly with Ethereum’s mainnet. 

Opensea, the worlds leading NFT market, recently deployed a new beta version to Polygon as well!



Opensea是世界领先的NFT交易市场,最近也在Polygon部署上了一个新的beta版本 !

5. 问:听说最近Aavegochi和Cometh开展了合作,未来有无考虑和其他游戏继续合作,不断扩大gochi的影响力?

Question:We’ve heard about that Aavegochi recently cooperated with Cometh. Will you consider continuing to cooperate with other games in the future to expand Aavegochi's influence?

Answer:Yes, we’re very selective, but are always glad to collaborate with innovative projects like Cometh. They are gamifying finance in a way very different that Aavegothci, but when put together, its even more exciting. We were thrilled when they announced they are also moving to Polygon layer.


6. 问:如果是一个勤劳的Aavegochi玩家,年化收益预计会有多少?

Question:What is the estimated annualized revenue (or APY) for a “hard-working” Aavegochi player?

Answer:Well that’s really yet to be defined but I can give some concrete examples:

Season 1 of Rarity Farming will diseprese more than 500k GHST over an 8 week period. The top 20% of all Aavegotchis will receive GHST rewards airdropped every 2 weeks (so 4 times total). That’s 2000 Aavegotchis earning GHST every 2 weeks!

The top scoring Aavegotchis will earn upwards of 25,000 GHST each. That’s just season 1, let alone for an entire year!

That also doesnt count potential trading NFTs in our marketplace 

答:第一季的稀有挖矿将在8周内分发超过50万的GHST代币。在所有Aavegotchis中排名前20%的玩家将每2周获得空投GHST奖励(8/2 = 4,所以总共有4次)。也就是2000个Aavegotchis将每两周获得GHST !


当然这种算法并不不包括在我们 NFTs 市场中潜在交易的收益。

7. 问:马蹄主网的更多游戏合作,会不会分走原本的玩家流量?

Question:Considering an increasing number of game cooperations with the Matic network, will the original player flow on Aavegochi be divided away by other projects?

Answer:Oh I dont worry about this at all. We believe and are actively encouraging our friends on Ethereum to join us with deployments on the best layer 2 solution. A rising tide raises all ships.


8. 问:游戏上线会不会出现卡顿死机现象,希望技术部门落实一下谢谢。

Question:Will there be downtime or errors when the game goes online?


9. 问:如果熊市来临,Aavegotchi有什么样的准备以应对熊市?

Question:If a bear market comes, how would Aavegotchi like to prepare to deal with it?

Answer:I’m quite proud of our GHST token’s economics. Unlike so many tokens, it is a truly asset backed token. This is thanks to our bonding curve that houses millions of DAI tokens to support the GHST minting process. In recent pullbacks, we’ve seen GHST outperform the great majority of tokens. 

As game item sales soar, we’ll see the 33% GHST burn mechanism kick in as well. 

答:我为我们GHST 代币的经济模型感到骄傲。与许多代币不同,它是一个真正的资产支持型代币。这要归功于我们联合曲线的设计,它容纳了数百万的DAI代币来支持GHST铸造过程。在最近的回调中,我们看到GHST的表现优于绝大多数代币。

随着游戏道具销量的飙升,我们也将会看到33% GHST销毁机制的体现。

10. 问:怎么看待NFT领域未来的发展,Aavegotchi将怎么结合NFT发展的潮流?

Question:How do you see the future development in the NFT industry? How will Aavegotchi combine with the trend of NFT development?

Answer:NFTs are still in the experiemental phases. We are all working to prove the best models. I think the future is extremely bright. NFTs can benefit everything from consumer products to industrial supply chains. We’re looking at the next great leap for digital property.