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Jed McCaleb News

Jed McCaleb is an American software developer and entrepreneur. Jed Mccaleb is CTO at Stellar, which he co-founded with Joyce Kim in 2014. He is famous for the creation of the Mt.Gox exchange platform, the Ripple cryptocurrency and the eDonkey network. Many of his projects already became a part of cryptocurrency history: with Mt.Gox being the long-time, biggest Bitcoin exchange that he left before its collapse, and with both Ripple and Stellar being some of the most major cryptocurrencies to this day. Jed’s products are some of the most appreciated blockchain-based initiatives in terms of media and fintech sector’s reception. Most of his projects are already working with various financial services companies and major IT companies, such as IBM. Jed McCaleb’s net worth is estimated around $20 billion, most of which os stored in Ripple tokens.
根据一项新的分析数据显示,日本的联合创始人Jed McCaleb迄今为止已售出超过10亿个XRP,但还有47亿待售。
瑞波的联合创始人Jed McCaleb已出售十亿XRP,现还剩47亿
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